Dunedin Tea Pairing and Tasting

Dunedin Tea Shop Brings Education and Dedicated Fans to Their Weekly Tea Pairings


Join DYPG for a special networking event during which you will experience the tea pairing/tasting process at Flying Cloud Tea & Gifts, Enjoy a small lunch and connect with other local young professionals from 11:30 until 1:00 on Wednesday, September 24th. Visit the DYPG events page for steps in the tasting process and registration!

DYPG Tea and Referral Pairing with Lunch at Flying Cloud:
Join Dunedin Young Professionals 8:00am – 9:30am on Wednesday, September 25th.

A Snippet about Tea Pairings

Since there are a lot of savory teas, chocolate is a good introduction to the pairing experience. There is almost always a traditional tea for the first tasting, and then a flavored tea for the second, so it’s a little less important to have a fresh pallet for the second one. 

Food pairings other than chocolate include nuts, fruits, cheeses, or anything small and creamy; as well as other savory things used in pairings are red pepper jellies and breads, curry cashews, and other flavored nuts. 

The Tasting Process

  1. Drink tea first, then add the chocolate or other food pairing
  2. Start with the unflavored tea and move to the flavored one; slurp to cover your taste buds 
  3. Take a little bite of the chocolate – some people leave it in their mouth and drink the tea, but that can be intense so most people will swallow it 
  4. Then, taking another sip of the tea and letting it coat your tongue again will completely change the taste of the tea
  5. Can finish one tea first, and then taste the other, but others go back and forth

My Personal Experience

Tasting began with Brand new oolong is a dark oolong. Very light, coats tongue, doesn’t linger, very bright quick taste. The coconut flavor of the second tea highlighted mint the mint in the chocolate, but was also very bright and fresh. This was a dark chocolate, and usually Flying Cloud tries to do no dairy. Mint carries the chocolate; tea and mint go well together. The sweetness of the chocolate also cuts a little of the natural astringency of the teas, so another reason the chocolate pairs well in general, and especially with these two fantastic tea selections.